What We Do

Your guests will be amazed as they watch their names creatively airbrushed on a t-shirt. Our highly-trained artists will help create memories that last a long time. Maybe you would prefer airbrushed temporary tattoos. We have that too.

T-shirts are guest’s most popular pick for celebrations and events, so we have made it a standard item in all of our packages, ensuring your party is a great success.

You can also add other items for your guest to pick from temporary tattoos, hats, hand towels, and drawstring bags. For large gatherings, you can request a second artist for double the production.

Who We Service

  • Professional Event Planners

    We work closely with your planner to provide the best total experience for your guests. Our service is not only fun to watch but we offer take-home party favors that your client and their guests will value. People love our stuff and the line of guests at our table is never short!

  • Corporate Hosting & Promotion

    Our corporate hosting and promotion clients often demand the high-volume and fast production that our team is prepared to handle. Some of our parties exceed 2000 guests! We have up to five artists available to keep those lines moving. We painted for companies like, Wells Fargo, State Farm, Maytag, and Olive Garden to name a few.

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

    Children really enjoy what we do and we love to work with children. A typical mitzvah party lasts 4 hours. In that time, our artist average 100 painted items. That enough for every kid and some adults too!

  • Birthdays & Quinceaneras

    We are well suited for smaller parties too. Our set-up is portable and clean enough to operate in your home. An airbrush party is a great way to offer something to your guests to take home as well as offer some entertainment.

  • Graduations & Proms

    Looking for something out of the ordinary? Adding a name and the year to the shirts will help to make the event memorable.

What To Consider

We understand you may not have seen an airbrush party before and you will have plenty of questions.. Here are some of the most common.

Our rate is determined by duration of event, number of artists, party favor choices, and in some cases travel time. Consult with you planner for pricing.

Our average rate or production is 25 items per hour per artist. Custom designs may take longer and therefore reduce the speed of production and are therefore not recommended.

Custom designs can take up to 4 times as long to paint. If your first priority is to ensure everyone gets a shirt, it may be necessary to deny custom requests.

You may, however, the airbrush process restricts our ability to paint some items. Cotton/Polyester fabrics are best. Light colors are a must. Have all your items approved by us to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

We require a table for our tabletop airbrush easel and an electrical outlet. For small parties of 40 people or less, we may only need a 6 x 6 foot area. Larger parties could require several tables and extra outlets if more if you decide to hire multiple artists.

All of our paints are water-based and non-toxic. We have painted indoor events at schools, Jewish temples, and some of Florida’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. Our equipment is self-contained and sealed. No open paint containers!

We are insured with Acord® up $5,000,000 in liability. Insurance certificates available on request.

The airbrush design typically takes 1-5 minutes to dry. The shirts will be ready to wear at the party.

The design can be made permanent by simply ironing it. Each shirt will come with a simple set of care instructions. Follow a couple simple steps and your shirt will last for countless washings.

Choose Your Airbrush Party Favors

T-shirts and hats are our most popular party favors but we like to offer more choices than our competitors. Choose one or choose several. Let your guests enjoy a buffet of airbrush options!

  • T-shirts

    Gildan Heavy Cotton™ 5.3 oz. T-Shirt

  • Hats

    100% polyester front panel, mesh back panels, adjustable snap-back

  • Bags

    Nylon drawstring backpack, reinforced corners, black cord drawstring

  • Towels

    11” x 16” fringed 100% cotton terry cloth towel

  • Pennants

    5′ x 12′ felt flags

  • Can Coolie

    Collapsible fabric and foam

  • Special Request?

    We can special order some items with a deposit for merchandise. Alternatively, you may provide alternative items and styles but be sure to get them approved from us to ensure it is something we can paint on.

Party Favor Designs

Our designs were created to be beautiful, quick to paint, and universally desired. Everyone has a name!

Custom designs samples can be made for your party at an additional charge. Keep in mind the more complicated the design the fewer shirts we are able to paint at the party. These name designs only take about 2 minutes to paint. Custom designs can increase that time by more than five minutes.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush temporary tattoos are fun for all ages. Your guests can choose from our wide selection of tattoo stencils and colors. The airbrush tattoo takes our artists about a minute to paint and the ink dries instantly.

First the area where it will be applied to is cleaned with alcohol. Then, using a stencil and an airbrush, the design is sprayed onto the skin. Finally a dusting of powder and you are ready to go. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

Three days to a week depending on several factors.
∙ Skin type. (oily vs. dry)
∙ The location on the body matters. Areas that sweat more or are subject to friction will not last as long.
∙ Tattoos are water resistant but will rub off. When showering wash around the area and pat dry with a towel.
∙ Warm conditions or strenuous activity (anything that makes you sweat) will shorten the lifespan of your tattoo.
∙ Talc or baby powder will help to increase the lifespan of your tattoo.

Our temporary tattoo inks are specifically created for the skin. They are not-toxic, hypo-allergenic and are made of all FDA approved cosmetic ingredients.

Not a bit. Nothing touches the skin but air and ink. It might tickle, however.

No. There are plenty of advantages to airbrush tattoos over henna.

Henna is limited to one color only (russet-brown in varying shades and intensities) but temporary tattoo
paint is available in a wide spectrum of colors and shades.

Henna takes a long time to apply, and temporary tattoo paint takes just a minute or two, depending on the size of the design applied, making it a lot more adaptable to a wider age group.

Henna tattoos cost a lot more because of the length of time required to apply it.

Henna takes about half an hour to fully dry, and has to remain on the skin for at least 4 hours for
maximum benefit before removing the thick crust that puts the stain on your skin. Temporary tattoos dry immediately and are instantly ready to be “shown off.”

Henna tattoos can last a lot longer, sometimes up to one month depending on the part of the body they are applied to, and you can’t remove them whenever you want. Airbrush tattoo’s can be removed at anytime with oil or alcohol.

We will need a table for our airbrushes and display, a couple of chairs, and an electrical outlet. Our entire set-up requires only 6 square feet of space.

Airbrushed tattoos can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

We are insured for liability with Accord® up to $5,000,000. Insurance certificates available on request.

Why Hire Us

We are the largest special event airbrush team in Florida. Our stock designs are beautiful yet quick to create. Combine this with our team of up to six skilled artists and that means we can paint up to 180 items per hour for your large guest list!

No seconds, irregulars, or closeout merchandise here. We use Gildan Heavy Cotton™ t-shirts. Each shirt comes with a set of care instructions to ensure your guests personalized party favor lasts for many washings.

We paint more than just shirts and hats. Check out our selection. We carry a large inventory so we can get the best wholesale pricing available. That means lower costs for you!

It starts with our equipment. Our proprietary airbrush systems and displays are aesthetic and allow for efficient production, and require minimal space. Best of all no paint mess and no fumes! Our artists are trained and dressed for intimate parties or large corporate events. You are insured for liability up to $5,000,000.

Sure, our artwork is important to us, but people come first. We love what we do and your guests will notice it!

Ask your planner to books us today!