I had a great time with Pete Marin airbrushing tattoos at the “monster jam” pit party on Saturday afternoon. We painted around 200 tattoos, paid for by monster jam, on kids and adults. It was crazy!!! Of course they were free to the public in the pit so we had a line all day long, and by following the standard application process of Sure Shot Airbrush we only had to turn away about five kids at the end of the day when we were told there was no more time to paint. Sorry to any who didn’t get a tattoo, we painted 50 tattoos an hour or about one every one and a half minutes for four hours. Great job, great day, great fans, great trucks! yeah!

So, what is the Sure Shot method that allows us to paint so many more tattoos in give away venues like this? I’ll tell you, we operate always on the K.I.S.S. principle, or “keep it simple stupid”. We keep in mind that customers have a hard time choosing, but statistically speaking, choose the same designs as a whole, so after starting out with 1000 choices we reduced it to the 25 always chosen and eliminated hundreds which are rarely picked. We use basic colors and rely on superior skills as artists in blending and finessing colors to awe our customers.this narrows the field to a nice variety of home-run choices instead of letting customers guess and strike out on combinations they expect to be great but turn out to be terrible when they see it on their arm, back, or where ever else they may have put it.

We always heard “that’s awesome!”, rather than “i wish I had chosen the other one”. When you are doing free tattoos you have to have satisfied customers. A paying customer might want their money back, but if they are getting it free they will just keep asking you to do it again till you get it right, which would not have satisfied the monster jam people who wanted every one to be happy campers sporting nice fresh airbrushed tattoos.

Of course we got pictures and saw Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Medusa, and all the other favorites. In fact we and our fans liked it so much monster jam is going to have us doing more in the future. Give us a shout on google+, Facebook, twitter, or even email and phone if want custom airbrush on shirts, hats, or any monster jam items we cant paint at the show. Thanks again to all all our fans!