Airbrush artists have the luxury of going straight to the manifold and painting. Inspiration can be instantly satisfied in a finished product with little preparation. Think about Photoshop without the pencil or airbrush tools. We are the foundation of realism! Airbrush harnesses pointillism to a plow and makes it grow crops, Airbrush controls the butterflys wings that cause the hurricane. Do you realize that when you are using an airbrush you are orchestrating a pictorial symphony in space and time that you then weave into a tapestry. What is the sound of one hand clapping the zen monk asks, well you can hear it as the airbrushman lays down script, and it has meaning! It can be a name. In the beginning was the word, it was airbrushed, in reality or Photoshop.

To inspire is to take spirit and brush it onto the air that vitalizes us, the yoking or submission of the dancer to the rhythm. In all these things we find “feeling”. Inspiration airbrushes feeling onto lives that have become comfortably numb. Inspiration airbrushes and the airbrushman airbrushes, and people feel things! That why we are entertainers and performers as well as producers. We are at parties to catalyze inspiration. We catalyze the individual scream from the throat of the t-shirt. We catalyze the the life statement on the automobile. We catalyze the vision in the body art on the calendar that guides our days.

I was listening to an evangelist describing how sin has been airbrushed out of our lives, that’s an art god was inspired to to do, to make us feel something, bringing us out of our Photoshop matrix into a world, created with dots, lines, gradients and rat tail-dagger strokes.